On my most recent trip to Vegas, I was celebrating the new home of some dear friends. We were discussing how long the couple had been together. Thirty-one or 32 years they said, they weren’t sure. So naturally I was amazed since everyone I knew was either divorced, going thru one, estranged or separated. I quickly, without hesitation, asked how on earth did they do it. How did they manage to stay together for so long. Immediate answer, “lotsa sex,” said the husband. My friend quickly agreed. I laughed and said I just had to share this. These two are some of my dearest friend and they have been thru hell and back together, believe me, and they are two of the most connected-together people I have ever met. And yes they have two children. They are grown now which leaves lotsa play time for mom and dad!

Honestly, some people just don’t understand the power of sex in a relationship. This seems to be a common complaint amongst some that are in unhappy relationships. The lack of sex causes all kinds of negativity in a relationship, i.e., resentment, distance, disconnection, frustration, you name it. I’d highly recommend if your relationship isn’t in its best condition…try more sex. Even if you aren’t able to perform, there’s plenty of ways to get you and your partner excited. If it’s boring, you definitely want to go immediately to one if not all of our sites, TOGETHER AS A COUPLE, and search for some new play toys.  It’s like being a kid again shopping in a candy store. Even if you don’t buy something, just look, it’s fun. So start repairing your relationship now by clicking here right now http://www.carmellestreasures.com or http://www.superstarsextoys.com or http://www.executiveorders.biz. Ok, so now you have plenty of options and no excuses to get started. Happy loving!



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