Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers

It’s Wedding Season! I am feverishly posting away all over the internet these funny and outright hilarious party supplies and accessories that we carry for bachelor and bachelorette parties. For the loving couples who dare to take the plunge these days, I am hoping that these fun yet stressful and exciting times will be remembered during those “for better or for worse” moments. As I drove by the Washington Wedding Experience the other day,  I hoped the same for those soon-to-be brides who would be attending and planning their wedding.

As I post the lastest bridal lingerie and groomswear we sell, I am hoping these extremely exciting and intimate times during these happy days will be remembered and carried on thruout your lifetime, “for better or for worse.”

As Ty Herndon sings in the song Journey On, “…life can carry you all kinds of places…”. Always remember the fun, exciting, romantic and good times you are having these days. We wish you a long, beautiful and prospersous marriage as you publicly commit to your lover and best friend on your special day! Congratulations!




Vegas Blushing Bride Set

Vegas Blushing Bride Set


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