Lately, I am being surrounded by sexless men who are sexually frustrated, miserable, bitchy, irritable, and definitely whiny. The one thing most of them have in common is none of them has a wife, girlfriend or boyfriend nor are they having sex with anyone. The others are either committed to God and waiting for marriage or are married and their partner is not giving them what they want sexually. It’s nature not being satisfied. After all you are a man and you are supposed to be having all kinds of sex, right? If you find yourself sexually frustrated and in this situation, I have to recommend to all of you, if you are not already doing so, at least masturbate, self-love, call a phone sex line or something…anything to put yourselves out of your own misery and end the misery you are causing others.

Carmelle’s Treasures to the rescue. I won’t recommend anything illegal here…lol, so check out our collection of adult products aka sex toys at Carmelle’s Treasures. If the name of this site is too girly for you, check out our sister site Executive Orders. Or if you want a sexier named site, go to our other sister site Superstar Sex Toys. In any event, all of our sites are 1000% discreet with secure ordering and plain-box, worldwide shipping…no one except you and the order takers will know what you have ordered and the mailman will not know what he/she is delivering to you.

If you are lonely and want to talk to a live phone sex girl or guy, visit US LOVE or call worldwide Costa Mesa: (949) 722-2222 San Francisco: 415-765-4321 Las Vegas: 702-650-LOVE Beverly Hills: 949-999-5979 and tell them Carmelle Simone sent you…there’s lots of girls and guys there waiting to chat with you and help you end your sexual frustration, confess your secrets, live out a fantasy, role play, come out of the closet or just let you vent.

This post isn’t just for men…it’s for women too. It’s just that lately I’ve been surrounded by an ungodly amount of sexless men and reading about way too many men who are sexually frustrated. To stress relief…release the beast!






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