Nurture your sex life with your partner. If you don’t you stand a high chance of losing your relationship or infidelity occuring. For lack of a better term, take care of each other’s genitals…they are a part of your relationship too! Happy loving!




I don’t know about you but in these bittersweet days, life is stressful and chaotic for many! Whether it’s due to work, loss of work, kids, bad relationships, finances, too much to do and no time to do it in, getting married, getting divorced, illness, relocation, losing your home, death of loved ones and pets, caretaking, etc., take time to de-stress! I believe too much stress causes illness. Re-invigorate yourself with exercise, take a candle-lit bath, meditate, rest, sleep, have sex, make love, vent to those you trust and know who care, go shopping, start or write in your journal, start a blog, take a short trip, get counseling, develop your spirituality, find a new job or career, work out or disengage from those bad relationships. Do what makes you relax and feel better…and only you know what that is! There’s only one you and you only live once. De-stress and exhale!

Kama Sutra Wild Clove Bathing Gel

Kama Sutra Wild Clove Bathing Gel


To quickie or not to quickie. That is the question. In the words of Nike, “Just do it!” If you’ve never done it, try it, especially for those of us who have very little “us” time these days. Spontaneity can change things. Be creative! You’ll be amazed at the results. For tips, check out our book below. 😉 


Quickies You’ll Never Forget by Joel D. Block, Ph.D.

Wild Quickie Coupons

Wild Quickie Coupons


On my most recent trip to Vegas, I was celebrating the new home of some dear friends. We were discussing how long the couple had been together. Thirty-one or 32 years they said, they weren’t sure. So naturally I was amazed since everyone I knew was either divorced, going thru one, estranged or separated. I quickly, without hesitation, asked how on earth did they do it. How did they manage to stay together for so long. Immediate answer, “lotsa sex,” said the husband. My friend quickly agreed. I laughed and said I just had to share this. These two are some of my dearest friend and they have been thru hell and back together, believe me, and they are two of the most connected-together people I have ever met. And yes they have two children. They are grown now which leaves lotsa play time for mom and dad!

Honestly, some people just don’t understand the power of sex in a relationship. This seems to be a common complaint amongst some that are in unhappy relationships. The lack of sex causes all kinds of negativity in a relationship, i.e., resentment, distance, disconnection, frustration, you name it. I’d highly recommend if your relationship isn’t in its best condition…try more sex. Even if you aren’t able to perform, there’s plenty of ways to get you and your partner excited. If it’s boring, you definitely want to go immediately to one if not all of our sites, TOGETHER AS A COUPLE, and search for some new play toys.  It’s like being a kid again shopping in a candy store. Even if you don’t buy something, just look, it’s fun. So start repairing your relationship now by clicking here right now or or Ok, so now you have plenty of options and no excuses to get started. Happy loving!


Sex Toys For Men

We pride ourselves on having the best collection of sex toys on the market for men. Some items are not necessarily sex toys but penis enlargement products. Many men are very conscientious about their size since some think size does matter. Then others think size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it. What do you think? We offer just about every item imaginable that will tickle a mans fancy, or his penis, in most cases. Check out our collection now at Sex Toys For Men and decide for yourself. Don’t forget we offer 100% discreet and secure ordering and we ship worldwide!

Sex Toys For Men

Sex Toys For Men

Is Your Love Relationship In Trouble…Too?

Is it me or are there a lot of love relationships in trouble these days? It seems everyone I meet is having problems, be they married, living together, dating, straight, gay or bi. Parallel relationships, as I call them  (aka affairs) are everywhere. Maybe it’s because I seem like Dear Abby to people and they feel they can vent to me. Of course, I hear a lot of the same things from a lot of people, “I’m just not getting enough sex.” “She/He’s always tired or just doesn’t want to be bothered.” “The kids…” “We’re having financial problems.” Etc., etc. Hmmm! I simply think some people are just burned out, bored with longevity and like variety, or are discovering that life is really short and they are with the wrong person…I could go on. After all, a lot of us are suffering from the recession/depression and economic blues. We’ve endured what seems like gargantuan losses in some cases. When bank managers and doctors tell me grown men are crying in their offices, you know the losses must be huge! We’re under pressure to perform in all areas of our lives like never before or else. When you’re tired, burned out, stressed and not getting enough sleep, I’ve found a lot of deep, underlying issues surface; problems in relationships being at the top.

I’m not one for much suffering in a relationship because I believe when you’re with the right person the suffering is naturally minimal. I do believe in as much honesty as possible in love relationships because it helps both people set the course of what their relationship is going to be. We can’t  be all things to each other. The idea of monogamy … not sure if this is really a natural thing anymore and perhaps many are thinking the same thing and just not saying it … to the other party in their relationship.

It’s easy to find solace in others, especially those who are going through the same thing. With the ease of access to each other thru smartphones, technology, social media, changes in thought patterns, online dating sites for singles and those involved in relationships, and the like, it’s easy to understand why these parallel relationships are so common.

Of course, owning several adult online stores that have “couples departments,” I ask if they’ve thought of visiting the sites with their loved one and perhaps ordering some things they’ve never tried before like sexy lingerie, massage products, and romance enhancers aka sex toys. For me it’s like Christmas when that package(s) arrives, and I can’t wait to play! We’re excited all over again. Visit our Couples Department at Carmelle’s Treasures for some ideas to purchase, play and renew your passion.

Sex Toys For Couples

Sex Toys For Couples


Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends

And then, if you decide to go your separate ways, heal yourself and move on as quickly as possible. I’ve known many people who get stuck and are not able to move on. I accompanied a friend to a divorce support group at a church in Las Vegas many years ago. Here is the book they were using. It was quite comforting even though I was not married but had ended a relationship recently. You can get it by clicking the book above.

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